Coconut Rum Soaked Chillies Covered in Chocolate

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Coconut Rum Soaked Chillies covered in Chocolate.


Coconut Rum (to cover chillies)
Chillies of your choice, we used Serenade & Jalepenos.
2 bars of milk chocolate
1 bar of white chocolate, again your choice.


Using gloves slice your chillies into rings and remove seeds
Soak the chillies in the Coconut Rum overnight
Melt 1 bar of the milk chocolate, either in the microwave or over a low flame using a glass bowl, water and a saucepan
Once melted you have to move fast, dip the chillies into the chocolate, one at a time, using a toothpick to roll them in the chocolate, repeat with 2nd bar of chocolate
Place covered chillies onto a baking tray. Once they are all covered place in the fridge for 2 hrs until hard. When they are ready melt the white chocolate and using a spoon just drizzle over the chocolate coated chillies. Then back to the fridge to set. serve in a dish or on a plate........enjoy!!!!!

Posted on : 02/06/2017
Posted in : Recipes By : Lisa