The Thing About Chilli......

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The Thing about Chillies, is they become addictive and they take over your life. They are like marmite you either love them or you hate them.

What started for us as a love of just spicing up our food, has now become close to an obsession. All be it a healthy obsession. In more ways than one.

Im sure we can't be the only ones to have chilli take over our life. So much so that even when we are out driving, we are looking at fields and thinking poly tunnels!!!!!!

The shop has now become our outlet to expand our love of chillies. We started off saying we wanted to take it slow and gradually build up the business in time. But like all things we now want to run before we can walk. The ideas are flowing and impatience is holding us back. 

 Heres to exciting times and heres to hoping you will want to follow where we go.....


Posted on : 05/05/2015
Posted in : News By : Lisa