Dorset Naga Chilli Seeds

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The Dorset Naga until recently was the hottest Chilli in the UK and before that was the hottest Chilli in the world. Cultivated by Joy and Michael Michaud at Sea Spring Seeds.

Make sure when sowing the Dorset Naga chilli seeds that you mix a in some good quality compost and then leave it under an electric propagator, which you will need to have if you live in a country that has a cold climate as Naga Chilli Seeds need to be planted in late January.

Once the Naga chilli seeds start to germinate you will need to make sure that there is plenty of room for each seedling to grow, if necessary separate the Naga chilli seeds into separate pots.

Growing Tips for your Dorset Naga chilli seeds

1. The Dorset Naga likes to be kept moist but not too wet, when watering your plant make sure to spray it with room temperature water.

2. Feed the plant with chilli or tomato feed once per week.

3. Make sure to use a cane to help support the plant as they become bigger and heavier.

4. Make sure the plants are always kept in a warm environment

Scoville Rating Approx 1,000,000 SHU


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