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Double Trouble a gift set with 2 extremely hot sauces. 

Melt Your Effing Face Off & Evil One

Melt Your Effing Face Off....

If you like your tastebuds to burn then this is the sauce for you. This is the only sauce we produce thats laced with 6.4 million SHU extract. Every batch is slightly different depending on the superhots we have available at the time of cooking.

Its a great sauce for red meat or to add to your curries and pasta dishes. It adds a great kick to Tofu if marinaded before cooking.

For all summer BBQ's its a must.

Vegan Friendly.


Chilli 47% (superhots), Tomato, Rapeseed Oil, Cider Vinegar, Vegan Worcester Sauce (water, malt vinegar, sugar, molasses, spirit vinegar, sea salt, tamarind extract, onion powder, spices (ground ginger, clove powder, black pepper, coriander powder, paprika, mustard flour), orange puree, flavourings, garlic powder, colour caramel), Garlic, Salt, Chilli Extract 1%

Evil One...

National Chilli Awards Winner 2010 UK

Scovies 2014 USA Silver Medal in XXX Hot Sauce Category

Deathly Hot Chilli Sauce-Scotch Bonnet and Naga with a hint of citrus-ideal for chicken, fish or fire up a stir fry...


Red Pepper, Cider Vinegar, Scotch Bonnet Chillies 15.5%, Onion, Orange, Lime, Ghost Pepper 3%, Carrot, Sugar, Garlic, Oleoresin of Capsicum, Sea Salt. 

Melt Your Effing Face Off Nutritional Value per 100g

Energy 118cal

Fat 9g

Carbs 6.2g

Sugars 4.8g

Protein 2.1g

Salt 2.6g

Evil One Typical Values per 100ml

Energy 79kcal

Fat 1.6g

Carbs 12.7g

Sugars 9.9g

Salt 1.6g


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Brand : Dorset Chilli Shop
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