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This is the original mild chilli, so why not grow it with our amazing Jalapeno seeds.

Traditionally they are harvested whilst green in colour, however you can leave them to ripen and turn red if you desire a sweeter tasting chilli.

When planting your jalapeno seeds make sure to place 2-3 in a seed tray and top them off with some compost so that the seed is entirely covered.

Make sure turn the tray around every now and then so the jalapeno seeds get plenty of sunlight and don't grow incorrectly.

To ensure optimal growth make sure that the jalapeno seeds are in moist soil until the seeds germinate.

If more than one jalapeno seed starts to sprout then consider separating them into separate pots or moving them into a larger tray.

Top 3 Tips on Growing Jalapeno Peppers

1. Jalapeno peppers love sunlight so make sure to plant them where they can get plenty of exposure.

2. We recommend using organic compost to help promote fertility in the soil and make it moist.

3. Jalapeno peppers love to be hydrated so make sure to water them regularly, just don't overdo it or you could run the risk of the plant rotting

Scoville Rating Approx 6,000-8,000 SHU

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