Megalodon Sauce

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The second in our ‘Trio of Doom’ series, and using the fearsome 7 Pot Habanero chilli as a source of atomic heat this mango based sauce is a firm favourite at all of the events we attend.

The 7 Pot chilli has a SHU of 1,000,000+ making it one of the hottest in the world. Our Megalodon sauce is hot – very hot – but it retains a fantastic flavour, primarily of the Habanero, although the sweetness of the honey, orange juice, blood orange and elderberry combine for a taste sensation.

The Megalodon sauce was the brain child of our close associate Matt Simpson of Simpson seeds, who spent night after night in his laboratory, cackling as he formulated and perfected this wicked concoction! Its hot and delicious and is a must have in all hot sauce lovers collections.


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Brand : Upton Cheyney Chilli Farm
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