Orange Habanero Chilli Seeds

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An incredibly productive chilli plant that produces salmon orange Habanero chillies. Perfect for growing in pots or grow bags. 

It's a deceptively hot plant that will have you coming back for more of its fruity taste.

We recommend this chilli to anyone who wants to create a wickedly delicious sweet chilli sauce, or if you are feeling really adventurous why not try making some habanero crisps?

Optimum Growing Conditions for Habanero Seeds

  • Habanero seeds prefer to be in a hot environment, however exposure to too much sunlight can be damaging to these peppers.
  • The ideal soil pH for these peppers is between 5 and 6
  • Only water the plants when they are dry or your Habanero peppers could lose their signature fruity taste and become bitter or even worse, die out.

Scoville Rating Approx 150,000-325,000 SHU

1 Packet of the finest Orange Habanero Seeds


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Brand : Sea Spring Seeds
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