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Dr. Burnörium says:

Dr. Burnorium SaysThis is it.

Look no further.

You've just found the ultimate BBQ sauce.

Blimey Dr. Burnörium, that's quite a statement I hear you say.

Yes my little rain-sodden, lager-filled barbecue buddies it is quite a statement, but it's fact.

Trust the doctor.

Maroon me on a desert island with nothing but my deceased travelling companions for food and this is the BBQ sauce that I'm going to marinade them in ... or baste them with if I'm too hungry to wait for a marinade.

Psycho BBQ has the most incredible, deep, rich, full-bodied, smoky, barbecue flavour accompanied by the wonderful, fiery heat of naga jolokia (Ghost Pepper).

Whether used straight out of the bottle, as a marinade, or to baste with, Psycho BBQ is the business.


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