Slaughter Lemon Oil 1 million SHU chilli Extract

Image of Slaughter Lemon Oil 1 million SHU chilli Extract

1 million Scoville Extract with lemon oil.

This bad boy will liven up ANY bloody Mary cocktail.

(see disclaimer below)

The purchaser of Slaughter hereby acknowledges the extreme heat factor of this product and the danger involved if misused. You must be aged 18 or over to buy Slaughter,  and should you continue to purchase it, you release Grim Reaper Foods Ltd & Dorset Chilli Shop of all liability and hold us harmless in respect to any claim of damages resulting in the use, consumption, ingestion and/or contact with respect to this product, Grim Reaper's Slaughter  You have been warned...


This product is currently not in stock. Please contact us to check availability.
Brand : Grim Reaper
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