Stealth & Chilpoctli Duo

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Stealth & Chilpoctli are 2 very different chilli extracts. Used in the correct way, chilli extracts will only enhance your food and cooking. Used in the wrong way and you will run for the hills at the merest mention of one.

Stealth, is an odourless & tasteless chilli extract. It will change the heat level of any meal, but won't change the flavour. You can add it to your favourite take away or even your beer (or someone elses!!!)

At only 500,000 SHU you would think you could handle it. But thats the beauty of Stealth. It hits you fast and hard and burns for about 10 mins. Trust us when we say its hot.


Chilpoctli is the name for Chipotle chillies in the ancient Aztec Nahuati language. 

This is a Chipotle Extract that has an intense flavour and a great useable hot heat level.

You won't be disappointed. Use a little not a lot. You can always add more but you can't take out!!!!

This product is not for the faint of heart.

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Brand : Dorset Chilli Shop
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